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Permit Request Form

Permits from the CNA3C are required before activities that fall outside the General Use Guidelines can be conducted. This includes observations or measurements that will involve collections of plants, animals, down woody debris, or samples of soil or water, and activities or events that involve tags, flags or flagging, or related on-site markers. 

With a permit, many Natural Areas can be used for manipulative activities such as experiments, trapping, intensive sampling or management, including projects that require scientific equipment to remain on site for a period of time. Demonstration projects that include active management or restoration are appropriate on some CNAs, typically those with relatively few public visitors. Manipulative activities are less likely to be approved for CNAs with high quality habitats, sensitive or unique species, or high public use.

Permits are issued to optimize instructional and research value, and to encourage public enjoyment, while safeguarding high quality habitats and sensitive species, maintaining high levels of biodiversity, and contributing to campus sustainability. Information provided on permits also helps to justify continued availability and protection of the Natural Areas from development.